Week 2 – Jan 11

Lectures and Workshops:

Tuesday and Thursday: Judy will talk about Science, Theories, and Models.

  • Judy’s slides:  Tuesday here.  Thursday here.  article used in Judy’s Lecture (below) has been uploaded for use by ESS students only (must log in).
  • Clark, William C., Dixon D. Jones, C.S. Holling.  Lessons for Ecological Policy Design, A case study of ecosystem management. Ecological Modeling, 7. pp 1-53. Reprinted in L.H. Gunderson, C.R.Allen and C.S. Holling, Foundations of Ecological Resilience, Island Press. pp 331- 392.

Seminar:   Meadows, Thinking in Systems.  Note that for this week, due dates for papers and reviews will likely differ for each faculty seminar.  We’ll coordinate and make this consistent next week in Tuesday lecture session.

See Seminar Roles (under docs) on NavBar for a description of each of the 3 roles.

  • for Tuesday: Notes, Intro, and Parts One and Two.
  • for Thursday:  Part Three and Appendix

Candidacy Paper: bring to Seminar Thursday (and post on the moodle) a statement of your topic, along with a short (1 paragraph max) explanation of the scope of the work as you now see it.

Other Events:  Thursday, Jan 13:

  • 4-5pm, Sem II E1105.  Disturbance Dynamics in Lodgepole Pine Forests. Katie Renwick, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University. This lecture is part of the Research Ambassador Program
  • 5-6pm, LIB 1005.  Student Interview for First Provost Candidate, Dr. Michael Zimmerman. Dr. Zimmerman holds a B.S. in Geography from the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. in Biology from Washington University in St. Louis, MO.

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