Week 7 – Feb 15

Lectures and Workshops: The theme of the week is climate change, and Gerardo will be lecturing.  Click on Tuesday and Thursday for Gerardo’s Lecture notes .

Seminar reading :  (in the following order)

  1. Hanson, Storms of Our Grandchildren (for Tuesday)
  2. Bedard. (2006)  Car&Driver’s magazine editorial on Al Gore’s film An Incovenient Truth.
  3. Ramanathan&Feng. (2008)  On avoiding dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system: Formidable challenges ahead. Proceedings National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). 10(38): 14245-14250.
  4. Schneider. (2001)  Earth Systems: engineering and managementNature. 409:417-421.
  5. Morton. (2007) Is this what it takes to save the world? Nature. 447:132-136.
  6. Chisholm. (2000)  Stirring times in the Southern Ocean. (2000). Nature. 407:685-687.

Tuesday:  1st draft of Candidacy Paper (for peer review) due (Tuesday, Feb. 15);  please upload to the Moodle.  We suggest you consider the review guidelines (see below).

Whose paper will you review and who will review your paper?  You will partner with one other person in your Topic Area grouping in these Guidelines, and review your partner’s paper with he or she reviewing yours.  Final discussions assigning these partnerings were donein class, Tuesday, February 15.


6pm Saturday: Peer review of 1st draft of Candidacy Paper due;  to the Moodle.  Reviewers and authors should meet to discuss the review well before Tuesday Feb. 22.  Reviewers should use the Guidelines for Review.

Other Events:

3:15, Thursday, February 17, 3:30pm, Seminar 2 Bldg, E 1105, Coal Country, free documentary about modern Appalachian coal mining, and learn more about how coal impacts Washington.

7- 9pm Sunday, February 13, An Evening With Chief Arvol Looking Horse: The White Buffalo Calf Prophecy.   Longhouse Education and Cultural Center. Chief Arvol Looking Horse is the 19th generation Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Woman Pipe Bundle for the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota People.

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