Program Field Trip

When: Thursday February 3, 2011

Where: Nisqually Tribe Hatchery and Restoration Sites, Ft. Lewis

Host:   George Walter, Natural Resource Manager, Nisqually Tribe

Gathering Place/Time:  Lab I Lobby at 12:20, and we will walk together to the vans

Return to Campus:   Probably between 4 and 4:30; certainly by 5pm

Wear boots and be prepared for cold, wet weather!

PotLuck – Cancelled.  Only 8 people signed up….

For emergencies:   Judy’s cell:  701-6450, Judy’s office:    867-6652

***Drivers Meet at 11:45 (Motor Pool is closed between 12-1).
Ralph and Scott – Ralph’s office
Nate and Judy – Judy’s office
Be sure to have your permit with you!

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