Week 6 – Feb 8

Lectures and Workshops: The theme of the week is energy, and Ralph will be lecturing.

Seminar reading :  Sandalow Freedom from Oil (not available in bookstore).

Tuesday:  Special Assignment (CONFOR and Field Trip – see below).  Bring to seminar for discussion and to hand in to faculty.  Ralph’s Lecture.


Candidacy Paper: Continue work on the paper!  1st draft (for peer review) due in NEXT WEEK (Tuesday, Feb. 15).

Other Events: 12 noon Thursday, Feb 10: Understanding Makah Whaling Rights and Fishing Treaties from a Makah Perspective,  Micah McCarty and Russell Svec.  South Puget Sound Community College, Building 26, Rm. 102.

Special Assignment:  This assignment (a short reflection) will provide a mechanism through which we will discuss in seminar and thus cross-pollinate the two trips of Week 5:  CONFOR and the Program Field Trip.  Please come to seminar with (as hard copy, i.e., on paper, word processed) the following observations about the trip you took:

  1. Identify 2 insights you gained on the trip that are relevant to your studies in MES (1-2 sentences each) .
  2. Mention two (other) new insights into the research process or ideas that you gained that might be applicable to the work you yourself will be doing in the program (e.g., for candidacy or for your thesis).

The first question relates to content, the second to content or process.

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