Week 1 (Jan 4)

Lectures and Workshops:

Tuesday: Introduction to the Program and Faculty, Film:  11th Hour (now on reserve in the Library).

Thursday: Models and Interventions (All Faculty) (Judy’s slides),  more about the Candidacy Paper.

Seminar on Adaptive Change, Panarchy, Ch. 1-3.  Here is the Panarchy Bibliography.

Copy/Paste the following url into your browser, if the above link to the reading does not work:  http://moodle.evergreen.edu/file.php/1272/PanarchyCh1-3.pdf

ESS Assignment, Due Thursday Week 1, to Seminar.

Bring to Seminar:  1)  one page paper on Panarchy as a sample of your writing (see below), and 2) your responses to Questions on the 11th Hour Film to seminar Thursday.

Please write a short (less than one page) piece on your reading of Panarchy, Ch 1-3.  The paper should be an analysis (not description) of the reading.  You may write on any topic relevant to the paper that you wish, but should explicitly state your thesis in the first paragraph.  Here are some possible questions you might write on (you would choose one only):

  1. What is Panarchy proposing with its framework (i.e., r, k, Omega, alpha, fig. 2-1)?  Is it a model, theory, metaphor?  How might it be useful to you (or not) in thinking about ecological problems, adaptive systems, or sustainability solutions?
  2. Pick one of the examples that are given in the text (e.g., Box 2-1, Box 2-2, Box 2-5), and discuss if (and if so how) or if not (and why not) these fit the Panarchy framework.
  3. Why is scale across space important for ecological problems?  Does the Panarchy framework address scale adequately?  (See example, Figs 3-1 through 3-6).

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