Week 5 – Feb 1

Lectures and Workshops:

No Seminar and no reading are assigned this week to give you time to work on the exam and your paper!

Tuesday:  MidTerm Exam due, 6pm.   After that, Gerardo will lead us in a Quantitative Analysis of Energy Data (and we will go to the CAL).

MidTerm Exam:  Two hours before are ready to take the test, download it here.  in case you have trouble reading it, try the PDF version here. Be sure to read the information about the exam (below) so you can prepare for taking the exam before you download it!

Thursday: Field Trip (~noon-5pm) and Potluck (~6pm-8pm).  Details and exact times TBA, and posted here.  Modeling Lab postponed until Week 8.

Candidacy Paper: Continue work on the paper!  1st draft (for peer review) due in two weeks (Tuesday, Feb. 15).

Other Events: Be sure to sign up for the Field trip and Potluck if you are not going to CONFOR.  If you ARE going to CONFOR, be aware that you will be asked to report back to your seminar!

Thursday February 3, 2011, 4-5 P.M, SEM II E 1105, The implications of carbon maximization versus stabilization in fire-prone forests, Matthew Hurteau, Northern Arizona University.

ESS Midterm Exam
Due: Tuesday, Feb. 1 by 6pm
Time Limit:  2 hours
Closed Book, Closed Notes

Check with your seminar faculty on how to submit your exam as each faculty has different preferences. Options:  bring hardcopy to class,  put electronic copy in your cubbies folder, email to faculty, upload to Moodle.

Concepts:  You will be asked to define and explain the significance of concepts covered during the first four weeks of the quarter.  Write in complete sentences. While each concept or question could command several pages of response, your answers cannot exceed five sentences each, probably less than 100-125 words. Therefore you must think carefully and refine your understandings to create concise answers.

Read Carefully: Download the exam just before the two hours during which you plan to work on it.  You are on your honor to follow the guidelines:  closed book, closed notes, no collaboration with others, closed internet (i.e., no looking things up on the internet), two hour time limit.  Please sign (or type “I attest that”) and date the statement that you have complied with these guidelines at the end of the document!

Word-process your exam in single space in 12-font and full margins top, bottom, left and right.  Be sure to double-space before starting to answer a question, and leave a double-space at the end of your answer before proceeding to the next question. Make sure to be clear about which concept/question you are answering! Complete the exam in the same order as it appears in the document.  Work alone on the assignment.  You will answer four questions from each faculty: one required question and then a choice of three from the remaining faculty list. Do not answer any more than 4 concepts/questions per faculty!

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