Week 10 – March 8

Student Candidacy Paper Presentations this week!  NO Seminar reading….

Click here for candidacy presentations – full schedule.

Click here for a table with presentations side-by-side .

Candidacy Paper:

  • (added Wed., March 9)  Remember, to plan your presentation for 10 minutes, to allow 5 minutes for questions.
  • A sample title page for you to use for your paper is posted here.
  • Due dates ! Candidacy papers are due this week, as in the schedule.  However, if your presentation is Tuesday, your candidacy paper is due Thursday (March 10).  If your presentation is Thursday, the paper will be due on Tuesday (March 8).

Portfolios: Be sure to ask your faculty about when these are due; check here for what should be in the portfolio.   Judy’s were due Tuesday or Thursday Week 9, and she will have them back to you by Thursday, Week 10.  You should bring them to your evaluation conference.

Other Events:

  • Thursday , March 10, 2011, 4-5 pm, SEM 2 D1105.  Rebecca Trueman, Concordia University Chicago RESEARCH AMBASSADOR LECTURE, Responses of Terrestrial Ecosystems to Elevated CO2 and drought.

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