Week 9 – March 1

Lectures and Workshops: The theme of the week is modeling; Judy will do the Snow Day Lecture on Tuesday (her slides are here and a bibliography here).  Ralph will talk about economic models (probably Tuesday).

On Thursday there will be a workshop in modeling and opportunity to ask questions about the presentations.  We will break early for dinner, and then go to the ACC.

Meet in LH2 both days.

Seminar reading : We will seminar on the Week 8 reading, and your SnowDayAssignment is due Tuesday 6pm.

Final Exam will be posted here (on Tuesday).  It will be shorter than the midterm in terms of the number of questions, but you will still have two hours to complete it.  It is due by Thursday 6pm.  (Upload to Moodle and bring hardcopy to seminar.)

Portfolios: Be sure to ask your faculty about when these are due; check here for what should be in the portfolio.   Judy’s are due Tuesday or Thursday Week 9, and she will have them back to you by Tuesday, Week 10.  You should bring them to your evaluation conference.

Candidacy Paper:

  • A sample title page for you to use for your paper is poster here.
  • On Tuesday, you can ask about Presentations.   The FINAL Presentation Schedule is REposted (March 3) here.
  • Faculty comments on Candidacy Paper will be returned.  We will try to make some time for you to talk informally with faculty during the Thursday lab about your presentation.

Candidacy Paper due dates ! Candidacy papers are due Week 10, as in the schedule.  However, if your presentation is Tuesday, your candidacy paper will be due on Thursday (March 10).  If your presentation is Thursday, the paper will be due on Tuesday (March 8).

Other Events:
Monday, February 28, Seminar 2 B 1105, MES Thesis Presentations
o 4:30-4:50. Patricia Bateman: Marine Transportation and Aquatic Invasive Species Transmittal: Comparing Hawai’i and Washington Policy
o 4:50-5:10. Doug Littauer: Rural Wetland Functions and Protection:  A Case Study

Thursday, March 3, Seminar 2 B 1105, MES Thesis Presentations
o 4:30-5:30. Sarah Clarke: Assessing the Rehabilitative Potential of Science and Sustainability Education in Prisons: A Study of the Sustainable Prisons Project
o 5:30pm-5:50pm. Liesl Plomski

Tuesday, March 8, Seminar II D1105, MES Thesis Presentations
o 4:30pm-5:30. Lara Boyd: Controlling Combined Sewer Overflows with Rainwater Harvesting in Olympia, Washington


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