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E – Week 7 Poetry

If the pen is mightier than the sword

Why do I feel so helpless?

But my words are not alone

I am fighting the words of others

The writs and laws of culture


“You’re worth it,” I whisper

As thousands of words of hate

And scorn, and jeer, and shame

Say just the opposite.


Culture is harsh to those

Who are different

Different isn’t pretty after all

It is scary to think

That society is nothing but illusions

There are always exceptions


But those on the fringe know better

Find themselves in small pockets of love

Build fortresses out of


Guard them with love and compassion

Seek out those who have no one else

And envelop them in love and care


Words are mighty. Mightier

Than we like to admit.

But how mighty

Against other words?


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