Have the house to myself through the night. The silence and solitude are intoxicating. Something will come through here. And it does, just as I wake. “If I could only love someone like you.” The music is coming at the same time. Root to the minor6 two times then minor 2 to the 5 chord. Pure pop. – Four Fig Newtons for breakfast and I head straight for Café Love. Rose is there. I write the line out and hum the melody. “So what we have here is an If-then statement” Rose says stirring the steam out of her coffee. “The if- then concept comes from a book of poetry. But this is a pop song. You’re not stealing an idea when you move it into a different art form. You’re adapting it. So just take it somewhere.”-  She sits doodling for twenty minutes then starts writing. “Then we’d grow like a tree in the sun. Complementary intertwining and shinning as one” It nestles right into the melody perfectly. Minor 2 to the 5 chord- “so who is the you” Rose asks.” There is no you” I reply. “Then what the hell is the song about” Rose wonders.” “I was married for twenty years. It was an emotionally dead relationship but I stayed in it because I felt it was what was best for my daughter. After the divorce I was in some pretty turbulent relationships” “Hurts so good eh” she smiles quoting John Mellencamp” “Exactly, that’s what the song is about and the chorus is about putting all that behind me and settling into a stable relationship”.” Is that what you want to do” Rose asks. “Hell no but my daughter thinks it would be a good idea. “Like a moth to flame” she writes. I head over to Radiance for some demiana. Four hours later we’ve dumped the whole bottle of demiana into our coffee cups and filled over 11 pages with lyrics, some of them pretty good. “Where the hell did the mermaids and the flying fish come from” I ask as I look at what she has just written. “Too much demiana” Rose replies.




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  1. williasa

    David, what might we need to know as readers such that context could yield meaning that could bridge your words and our minds, your music and your words, Rose’s words and your tea?


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