Wo poetry week 5 – Forming


Saw teeth cut wood grain

Apoptosis shaves away

Sculpting forms in space

Chisels peel and pierce

Ancient sculptures of flesh

Revealing (hidden) layers

Ghostly blueprints find

Themselves laid down onto wood

Hinting what will come

Moving from carelessness

To vigilance, we light up the world

Illuminating ghosts

Joinery shapes wood

Growing fractals like fingers


Birth of creation

Subtlety like nurturing

Delicacy of birth

2 thoughts on “Wo poetry week 5 – Forming

  1. williasa

    Bringhurst meets Dehaene through Jesse’s hands formed/forming trees of meaning?

    Favorite lines:

    “Ancient sculptures of flesh

    Revealing (hidden) layers

    Ghostly blueprints find

    Themselves laid down onto wood

    Moving from carelessness

    Illuminating ghosts


    A question: How does vigilance light the world? Literally, or neurophysiologically, or creatively? It’s more than a metaphor, right?

    1. hunjes22 Post author

      what do you think?

      the line about vigilance i used comes from the buddhist text, the dhammapada, that i’m reading. it reminded me of being vigilant while your working so you make the right cuts on the wood as well as avoiding cuts to yourself. if you pay attention to the way the wood flakes and bends and are aware of the faults and qualities of your tools, you can adjust to the wood and tools and create what you need to. the more care and diligence you put into each of the parts, the more likely they will fit together and match the original blueprints in your head. in this way, your “ghost” of an idea comes into view and is illuminated for all to see.
      it’s also like Holdrege’s Exact Sensorial Imagination; if you are vigilant and aware of the thought, the image in your head, you can visualize it with the piece of wood you’re working with and make even more exact cuts with that deeper understanding. if you illuminate the vision in your head, bringing it into sharper focus, you can think more creatively about how to go about accomplishing that. we see the world differently by noticing the way wood flakes and splits. and what’s physically happening when you envision it in your imagination is a neural firestorm that’s literally illuminating your brain. there’s many many meanings in it. i only had the first one in mind. but i’m curious what meanings you see come out of it. i don’t think i wouldve noticed the nuerophysiological one had you not said anything.


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