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Course Reading Terminology

Internet: Knowledge and Community Add your seminar paper and make changes to others'!. . .

Kemmis, "Community and the Politics of Place"

Schuler, Community and Technology

Graham, The Internet

Hospers, "The Libertarian Manifesto"

Rawls, "The Idea of Justice"

Gutmann and Thompson, "Moral Deliberation and Democracy"

Bruce, From Hull House to Paseo Boricua:The Theory and Practice of Community Inquiry

Young, "Communication and the Other"

Coleman, The Internet and Democratic Citizenship

Putnam, "The Strange Disappearance of Civic America"

Gurstein, Community Informatics

Schuler, "New Community Networks, Conviviality and Culture"

Granovetter, "Strong and Weak Ties"

Addams, Hull House, chapter XIII

MacIntyre, Dependent Rational Animals

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