Annie Ferguson

[Leaving Chrysalis]

[Artist Statement]

‘Leaving Chrysalis’ is a film essay and poetic response to the dawning of the new age that planet Earth has entered into- the Age of Aquarius. With three poems written by the filmmaker inspired by this cosmic shift, and few but powerful images to guide you through the essence of transformation from darkness to light, this film essay exemplifies the feelings behind leaving our chrysalis.

This film essay is driven by personal poetry and reflection on the new age. I took three poems from my ‘Everyday Experience Journal’ for my narrative. The first poem “Precession of the Equinoxes” represents the physical aspects of the changes humanity is experiencing. The second poem “Johana 1:5″, inspired by the bible verse: John 1:5, is a personal response that at first expresses confusion and uncertainty towards the spirituality of darkness and light, and the third poem is “Rebirth” a poem that calls out societies lie and how we are transcending it. Still photos were taken sparingly; I did not want to over stimulate the viewers’ eyes. I chose more to stimulate the viewers ears with poetry, leaving their mind to create a reality unique to their own. I also used experimental noises to take the viewer off to a place they’ve never known.

Some problems I ran into were deciding what kind of images I would use for the poems that I wrote. I did not want to use anything literal but I think that the images were metaphorical for the narrative and audio track. I feel that the photos of the isolated, marked up trees were a metaphor for humanity, and basically how we are all connected.

[Artist Bio]

The work of Annie Ferguson: Filmmaker and writer based in Olympia, WA. Currently studying at The Evergreen State College and working closely with Thurston Community Television’s Digital Stories Program.