Danielle Perkins

Homage to Beauty

Artist Statement

Homage to Beauty

I feel that it is extremely important that people begin and continue to recognize and appreciate the beauty in others despite our many differences. Because of my passion of multi-cultural differences and empowerment, I chose to write my video essay about recognizing the beauty in individual’s every day. In order to execute this goal successfully, I composed a free form essay addressing people who have yet to recognize a difference of cultures and characteristics in people, outside of their inner circle. I have a collection of still photographs including friends from home, and new associates around the Evergreen College Campus.

My goal was to purposely use photos of individuals whose first initial in their name corresponds with the letters in Radically Amazing. Years ago I wrote a song about beauty and I felt it would be a wonderful inclusion to this piece. In addition, I chose to use some ambient sound during parts of this essay as a symbol of peace, and unity amongst mankind. Although, the purpose of working with a group first was to make things easier I still found challenges using the applications to create this project. I’m definitely not tech-savvy as writing is my forte’ so I found that aspect of this project was most challenging.

I did attempt to challenge and explore using some of the techniques that I enjoyed when watching some of the collaborative pieces; and that was the most rewarding. Coming from a place of conviction and place of often feeling misunderstood I felt an early obligation to empower people surrounding me, therefore, this piece is one of the first steps to reaching my life term goal and I am pleased with the complete project.

Artist Bio

Born to Jean and Burton, Danielle Perkins was born May
18. She was raised in the city of Tacoma Washington along with her brother Bruce. Danielle grew up around the streets of south side Tacoma and as a young adolescent tried finding herself while living under a single parent home.

She is a recent graduate of Clover Park Technical College in the Human Services Field. During her time at CPTC, Danielle was a recipient of the Ed Chandler Scholarship based on her academic performance and has spoken at several engagements accepting awards and representing her student body. Presently, a junior at The
Evergreen State College she’s working towards her B.A. in psychology. Upon completion she will pursue graduate studies. Ultimately, she aspires to be an entrepreneur, a vocalist, counselor, and author amongst many other things and this is just the beginning of her journey. She welcomes you into her life.