Morgan Pappas


Artist Statement

“The Day After Your Birthday”

One brief instance can affect, even monopolize your internal thoughts for the remainder of the day.  How does one portray or share at what points these shifts in adjustment occur?  What others see as simple, rational routine actually hold great mystery, wonder and emotion for you.  For example, how do you address irrational guilt?  Most importantly, when you create work about an event that is only talked about through Facebook wall posts, memorial tattoos and short recollections of memories, it can be deafeningly silent.  The absence of sound can convey, or belie, the profound personal feelings you discover, such as the absence of life.

I chose to represent my inability to articulate my feelings by writing a short conversational letter. Visually, I wanted my images to defy my audience to stay awake and I think that I was successful in that pursuit.

I think I accomplished creating a piece that was meaningful to me, while addressing a theme I feel is relatable to a larger audience.

The most challenging aspect of this project was embracing self-indulgence while trying to keep an audience in mind. Honestly, the most rewarding part of this project was finishing it.
Artist Bio

Morgan Pappas is from Tri-Cities, Washington. She is currently a senior at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. Over the course of her studies she has focused most of her attention on fiction and creative non-fiction writing, as well as sociology. She hopes to continue writing and pursue a career as a television writer after graduation.