Group M2

[From A to B]

[Artist Statement]

For our project from A to B, we chose to investigate the everyday experience of riding on Olympia’s Intercity Transit public bus system. Our thesis is that while buses may seem mundane, and often are, there is a wealth of beauty and humanity lurking just inches below the surface.

We chose to use free form poetry as our subgenre because it was a genre we were all familiar with and wanted to explore more. By each writing our own pieces, and then heavily editing them together, we have made a project uniquely collaborative as well as individual. Once we had the audio script, picking images to represent our words and taking those pictures, along with room left for improvisation in the field, was a rewarding experience that allowed us to pull our work together.

As a group, we ran into the challenge of allowing everyone’s voice to be heard while also maintaining sensitivity towards touchy subjects. We were able to work through this conflict through openness and compromise.

As you watch the film, we hope you are reminded of your own experiences on buses and that perhaps you will be prompted to view future bus rides in a different light.


Charlie, Jake, Annie, and Emily are current students at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. They love riding the bus.