Megan Luke


Artist Statement

I thought exploring the way my past romantic relationships have changed my identity would be a transformative experience, and that the deeply personal would help drive the project forward by giving me some sort of uncontrived inspiration. Also, I originally intended to make something more comical, but I kept hitting a wall, kind of bumming out from revisiting past heartbreak.

I included some poems from maybe six years ago, which will be the first poetry you hear. I also included some poetry that I wrote in March that I thought was topical – this you’ll hear at the very end. The rest is personal essay.

Pretty much every aspect of making film is still new to me. I still consider this video unfinished, but maybe that’s also because I’ll never get total closure from the subject matter. People say you never really get over your first love. I think that’s true. I also think that’s untrue. I wish I could recreate the beauty experienced while “falling in love,” especially for the first time, but I really focused more on what comes after that.

‘Flo__rs’ is ‘flowers’ without ‘we.’

Artist Bio

Megan Luke is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. She’s been living in Olympia since 2008, either attending classes at Evergreen or trying to obtain or maintain a slacker job. She looks forward to continuing studies in a variety of disciplines at the college and eventually plans to pursue graduate studies in education. She has a tumblr where she occasionally posts her own work.