Group M5

Everyday, Everyday

 Artists Statement

            Our project group chose to investigate the differences between our actual realities and those that we imagine. Through the juxtaposition of realistic and fantastical photos, we explored how our everyday lives can be seen through a radical lens.  We chose to narrate our project with a collaborative free-form poem, read by a single narrator. We wanted to communicate the importance of daydreaming and how those thoughts can affect our perceptions of the everyday.

We attempted to establish a narrative based on the images of the extraordinary that we are often presented with in the media and pop culture. In doing so, we found that some examples bordered on extreme opposites, and some imagined situations varied only slightly from reality. Our goal was to interrogate the way individual perceptions of everyday experiences can affect our image of our environment and ourselves.

We feel we were successful in what we set out to do! By interrogating the opposite of the everyday banal we were able to explore what society deems as amazing and noteworthy.

The most challenging aspect of working within our group was coordinating our schedules to find time to work together. The most rewarding part of this experience was getting to know one another through the process and building on each other’s ideas.


Nathan Gibson, Ynez Mahoney, Morgan Pappas, Megan Haller